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Adama Recessed Beveled Edge Medicine Cabinet

Adama Recessed Beveled Edge Medicine Cabinet

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The Adama features a square mirror with a polished beveled edge. The Adama is part of the HomeSelects “Modern Collection” with clean simple lines and edges, designed to support and compliment the surrounding décor.

Modular Shelving Allows For 35% More Space

The patented award-winning modular shelving system allows for seamless configuration for your individual storage demands. 

Rigid Mirror Frame, Impact Resistant Mirror, Secure Latch,

The HomeSelects medicine cabinet was designed to solve all of the flaws found in other cabinet designs. Innovation in technology, higher quality materials, and great engineering and manufacturing, means a best-in-class fixture. 

This cabinet was designed to last:

- Rigid Mirror Frame

- Impact Resistant Glass Mirror

- 90 Degree Door Stop (to prevent swinging)

- Rust-free materials

- Secure latch for a solid close.

Adjust for height & length of shelves for those "hard to fit" items, integrate shelves with openings for toothbrushes or scissors, and enjoy adjustable shelve depths for items that don't typically fit with other cab designs.

Fully Reversible-Replaceable Doors, Recessed & Surface Mount Installation

Enjoy the flexibility of being able to easily replace the doors, change which side the door mounts on the door are mounted on, install recessed within the wall, or (with the addition of the surface mount kit), flush mount your cabinet on the wall.

The cabinets were designed with the ease of installation in mind. 

Whisper Quiet Door Hinges

Advanced hinge design means smooth and quiet operation. High-quality molded materials prevent rust and corrosion. The material and design also resist the formation of mold and mildew.

High-Quality Form Molded Materials

Other cabinets made of metal components with exposed seams will begin to rust over time when repeatedly exposed to moisture. The high-quality molded materials ensure the HomeSelects medicine cabinet will never rust - regardless of use or repeated exposure to humidity.


Click Here for 26" Tall Unit Dimensions

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Installation Manuals:

26" Model

36" Model

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