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Fashion Meets Function & Superior Design

Say Goobye To Rusty, Cluttered, Clumsy and Ugly! HomeSelects medicine cabinets feature unparalleled storage and durability in attractive architectural styles.

Award-winning Design


SPACECAB's award winning design includes whisper quiet door hinges, secure latch, impact resistant mirror protection and rigid mirror frames. SPACECAB is manufactured from high quality molded components that defy the humid environment of the bathroom and will never rust. Hazardous sharp metal edges are eliminated. Mirror doors are easily replaceable in the field.

Enjoy a more attractive, better organized, healthier bathroom

Easy Install

Fully Reversible-Replaceable doors, Recessed & Surface Mount Installation

Enjoy the flexibility of being able to easily replace the doors, change which side the door mounts on the door is mounted on, install recessed within the wall, or (with the addition of the surface mount kit), flush mount your cabinet on the wall.

The cabinets were designed with the ease of installation in mind. 

More Space

Modular Shelving Allows For 35% More Space

The patented award winning modular shelving system allows for seamless configuration for your individual storage demands. 

Adjust for height & length of shelves for those "hard to fit" items, integrate shelves with openings for tooth brushes or scissors, enjoy adjustable shelve depths for items that dont typically fit with other cab designs.
Squeak Free

Whisper Quiet Door Hinges

Advanced hinge design means smooth, and quiet operation. High quality molded materials prevent rust and corrosion. The material and design also resist the formation of mold and mildew.
No Rust

High Quality Form Molded Materials

Other cabinets made of metal components with exposed seems will begin to rust over time when repeatedly exposed to moisture. The high quality molded materials ensure the Zaca medicine cabinet will never rust - regardless of use or repeated exposure to humidity.

Rigid Mirror Frame, Impact Resistant Mirror, Secure Latch,

The Zaca medicine cabinet was designed to solve all of the flaws found in other cabinet designs. Innovation in technology, higher quality materials, and great engineering and manufacturing, means a best in class fixture. 

This cabinet was designed to last:
- Rigid Mirror Frame
- Impact Resistant Glass Mirror
- 90 Degree Door Stop (to prevent swinging)
- Rust free materials
- Secure latch for a solid close.

The right look for any architectural style

Traditional medicine cabinet designs offer very little aesthetic impact- and in many cases detract from the overall style of the bathroom. 

The Spacecab features 17 different mirror designs that can be an attractive accent to any bathroom design. 

Whether your decor taste is Mid-Century-Modern or Craftsman in design, or more traditional tastes like Tuscan, Spanish Eclectic, or Victorian, the Spacecab has a design that be cohesive. 

What's Your Ideal Configuration?

Improve your bathroom storage and enjoy up to 35% more space than traditional designs.
  • Slide-in/ slide-out shelves

  • Rust Free

  • Multiple Dimensions

  • Multiple Mirror Shapes & Designs

Enjoy a cleaner & healthier bathroom

High quality materials allow your fixture to stay rust free, mold and mildew resistant, and easy to keep clean.


MMR mold stain remover that works even on those tough stains that won't go away with typically household cleaners and mold removal products. 

ONSLAUGHT’ is a powerful disenfectant that works on molds, mildews, bacteria and viruses. it is so effective that it is used in commercial water damage applications.



asked questions

Got questions?

How do HomeSelects medicine cabinets store more than ordinary cabinets?

Similar to a closet organizer, the patented modular shelving system enables the storage of tall and short items without wasted space.

Do Home Selects cabinet mirrors develop black edges like most mirrors do?

Black edge caused by silver spoilage is resisted on these medicine cabinets by a special material that is factory applied to all frameless mirrors.

Which way does the door open?

Doors can open either way because our cabinets are reversible. The direction of door opening is determined simply by orientation during installation. Exception: Arcturus model 52-2-34-00 is not reversible; therefore, hinge location (right side or left) is specified at time of order.

Is it possible to surface-mount a recessed medicine cabinet?

Surface-mount frames (models 93-0-24-01 and 93-0-34-01) easily install our cabinets where wall openings are not available.

How far does the door open?

Medicine cabinet door hinges dampen the door swing at approximately 90 degrees of arc. Excessive force could cause the door to pivot beyond the designed resistance angle and could cause damage.

How far do the cabinets protrude from the wall?

Our medicine cabinets are carefully designed to achieve maximum storage capacity. In recessed installations, the return flange depth is "plus mirror door thickness which ranges from " to " depending on model selected.